Cost Efficiency

  • Material savings with Push Packs
  • Lower consumption of packaging material
    compared to PVC and Al/Al blisters
  • Cost savings of up to 60 %
  • Push Pack foil is thinner than blister foil
  • Push Pack foil weighs less than blister foil
  • Push Pack foil is PVC free
  • Improved sustainability

… Push Packs … the alternative to Al/Al blisters …

What you get

Push Packs combine the barrier properties of strip packaging with the opening mechanism of blisters

Five foil layers: Perforated PET, PE, Aluminium, PE, Surlyn

Excellent Barrier Properties

  • Air, light and moisture-tight unit dose packaging
  • Extended shelf life
  • Push-through foil can be combined with either a multilayer laminated or a transparent barrier foil
  • Choice of aluminium foil thicknesses from 9 µm to 25 µm
Child Resistant, Senior Friendly

Child Resistant, Senior Friendly

  • Regarded as child resistant: material does not tear
  • Senior friendly: easy to open
  • Simply press the tablet out of the pocket with your thumb
Design Opportunities

Design Opportunities

  • Push Packs are available in standard rectangular formats or as customised strip designs
  • Unique die-cutting technology from Romaco Siebler enables individually shaped Push Packs
  • Heat-sealing machines in the Siebler HM 1 series pack anything from 800 to 7000 tablets per minute

Foil Printing

  • Larger foil print area compared to Al/Al blisters
  • Extra space for marketing messages
  • High product recognition value
  • Double-sided foil printing possible
  • Double-sided print mark control possible

… Push Packs … the alternative to Al/Al blisters …


Siebler Push Packs: benefits at a glance
Foil tests at Romaco Siebler


Exciting Siebler strip technology:
How to manufacture customised Push Packs

Industry Partner

Huhtamaki has been honoured with a Pharmapack 2019 Award.


Industry Partner

Huhtamaki has been honored with a Pharmapack 2019 Award.


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